IMC Leeds 2016 Reflections #1

Charlotte Rudman, PhD Candidate, English Department

I’d heard whisperings about Leeds since my days as an undergrad. Despite my growing interest in medieval studies I had always thought that IMC with its “experience the medieval day” was just a step too far. But now as a second year PhD student, I realise how wrong I was.

Giving a paper as part of a panel was both a fantastic and affirming experience, both in terms of the presentation skills and critical engagement with the audience.

img_4011But for me, Leeds was mainly an opportunity to hear about research different from my own, broadening my scope, sparking new ideas and re-visiting areas I don’t get the chance to explore in my PhD but am nonetheless interested in. Highlights included; discussions on the disfigured body and the wilderness; the binary perception of witches; textual movement vs physical movement concerning objects; an insight into Scandinavian medieval relationships through the exchange of ‘runic sticks’; and I was very nearly persuaded to play video games after one intriguing presentation emphasising the love of space(s).

Beyond the varied programme, Leeds was great because I was there with fellow CLAMS members past and present. If you’re a medievalist, it’s something you should experience at least once. And of course there’s a disco. Which was everything I imagined and more. Who doesn’t want to see highly intelligent, awesome academics sing impromptu karaoke with a live band? img_4022


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