Repost from the Old English Wordhord

It’s International Hug a Medievalist Day!

A griffin hugging a hog. The Ashmole Bestiary, England, 13th century. Bodleian Library MA Ashmole 1511, fol. 15v. From discarding images blog.

And, appropriately, over on the Old English Wordhord, you can learn the Old English for ‘a hug’.

Please hug considerately!

The Old English Wordhord is a brilliant blog maintained by (the now newly Dr!) Hana Videen. See how the Wordhord came to be over on her site!

In autumn 2013 over pints at their local a group of postgrads from King’s College London pondered what they could do to engage the wider community of Finsbury Park in an exhibit on Old English in a single room of a small art gallery…

Read more: About | Old English Wordhord

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